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Monday, November 3, 2008

Patrie 3.2 English to ASL

Study Questions:
1. Context:
This is a woman who came to a parenting class given at a Church. She is not involved in this group but attends the same church. The leader of the group asked her to come and speak about her childhood and her experience as a mother. There are 3 Deaf couples, and 11 hearing couples. They all have children between the age of 2 and 8. 

2. Yes, If I did not understand what the woman said in my source language I would not be able to accurately interpret it. But I did understand her so I am sure that helped me and give me a better ability to interpret it compared to if I did not understand her. 
Same with target language, if I did not understand it I would not be able to create a equal meaning, but I felt I did an ok job. 

3. There was one part, when she was talking about playing with her mom's pots and pans and I got behind, I think I got most of the information but I dont think I was totally clear on that part because it moved so quickly and I didnt have enough time to set it up clearly. The other processing part that I had a problem with was how to be clear about her mom and neighbor trying to help her get out of the steps. 

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