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Monday, November 10, 2008

Patire 4.1 English to ASL

Study Questions:

1. Context: The lady came to a Culture class at a University to talk about her experience in Hong Kong and this was the introduction story. There are 40 people in the class, 5 Deaf and 35 hearing. Most are college age and a few are non-traditional students. The Teacher is hearing so interpreters are always present in class.

2. Her and her husband had to stay in Anchorage Alaska on their way to Hong Kong because their plane had an emergency. The right engine caught on fire, so it was replaced and they made their way to Hong Kong the next day. 

3. After getting some feedback from a couple professors I tried to remember to wait enough before starting to sign so I get more of the meaning and where the speaker is heading. So I tried to do that, but I caught myself starting too early. I also have used this material before so it was helpful.

4. I used my memory and making sure I understood the meaning and where the speaker was headed with her story. And because I have used this text to interpret consecutively and simultaneously before it was helpful.

5. Her and her husband were traveling to Hong Kong and on their way to Japan before connecting over to Hong Kong there was an emergency that made them land in Anchorage Alaska at a cargo airport. After landing and evacuating the plane they saw that one of the engines were on fire. That night it was replaced and they all make their trip to Japan and then to Hong Kong.

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