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Monday, November 24, 2008

Patrie 5.3 English to ASL

Study Questions:

1. Context: This man came into a High School philosophy class to share his opinion and philosophers opinions and views on the definition of courage. There are 2 deaf students and 25 hearing students.

2. One example of a special relationship in this context is when the house kicks out two thieves, it shows where the house is and where they go after they are kicked out.

3.  There is an example of temporal relationship when the army of 10,000 is coming to the smaller army and city and the smaller army holds them back so the city can set up defense.

4. An example of logical relationship is the boy who faced his fear of the dark and over came it.

5. One hypothesis that was accurate was there would be a few different definitions of courage explained.

One hypothesis that was not accurate was that I did not know all of the examples he would use to explain courage.


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