Hello! My name is Abby and I am going to school to become an ASL/English interpreter. This page is full of my interpreting homework and other cool things about interpreting. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patrie 5.1 ASL to English

This man came into a high school history class. The class had been discussing the history of slaves and slave labor. The teacher brought in this man to present because there are two Deaf students in the class and thought it would be nice to have a presenter who was also Deaf. There are 28 other students who are hearing and the teacher is also hearing. 

ASL Source Material: WTO

Interpretation of WTO

Study Questions:
2. Spacial Relationship: when the protesters were holding signs and where the protesters were set up compared to where the police were set up. In my interpretation I did set up that protesters were holding signs. I don't think I set up that the police were set up across from them, I said they were there, but I did not say where. 

3. Temporal Relationship: First there was a meeting in Seattle about the World Trade Organization, then they got together to make signs, then they protested, then there was chaos, then it was solved, and then there was controversy over whose fault it was for the riot starting. I felt these things were in my interpretation and preserved. Although they are in there I did not always find the best word choice to way to represent what was happening. 

4. Logical Relationship: When a riot started in the crowd of protester the police had to act to settle things down and keep it in control. In my interpretation this was preserved. 

5. Hypothesis: I had no idea what the WTO was until he expanded and said :WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. So I did not have much of a schema to use for hypothesizing. After learning what WTO meant, I did not hypothesis that there was going to be a protest. When learning there was a protest, I did hypothesis that there was going to be a riot and it getting out of hand. 

Over All Thoughts:
  • The first attempt at interpreting this I had to stop after the first statement. I watched and gave myself enough time to get a whole coherent thought and where I was going with it, but as I started to interpret I totally lost everything he had said after. 
  • At times I used vocabulary that matched the speaker: police, strike, command, chaos (I think it fit at times).
  • At times I used vocabulary that did not match the speakers affect or spoke in ASL gloss: ummm, lousy pay, "did have a really good work ethics," these people (confusing on who I am referring to), chaos (riot may be a better word choice at times), hose plugged in, cops, gas guns (is that the correct name for it??)
  • I wanted to video tape myself to see what I look like when I am interpreting from ASL to English. I thought I did not do much external processing other than my eyes getting bigger or smaller, and my face showing confusing or nodding. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Patrie 5.3 English to ASL

Study Questions:

1. Context: This man came into a High School philosophy class to share his opinion and philosophers opinions and views on the definition of courage. There are 2 deaf students and 25 hearing students.

2. One example of a special relationship in this context is when the house kicks out two thieves, it shows where the house is and where they go after they are kicked out.

3.  There is an example of temporal relationship when the army of 10,000 is coming to the smaller army and city and the smaller army holds them back so the city can set up defense.

4. An example of logical relationship is the boy who faced his fear of the dark and over came it.

5. One hypothesis that was accurate was there would be a few different definitions of courage explained.

One hypothesis that was not accurate was that I did not know all of the examples he would use to explain courage.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Patire 4.1 English to ASL

Study Questions:

1. Context: The lady came to a Culture class at a University to talk about her experience in Hong Kong and this was the introduction story. There are 40 people in the class, 5 Deaf and 35 hearing. Most are college age and a few are non-traditional students. The Teacher is hearing so interpreters are always present in class.

2. Her and her husband had to stay in Anchorage Alaska on their way to Hong Kong because their plane had an emergency. The right engine caught on fire, so it was replaced and they made their way to Hong Kong the next day. 

3. After getting some feedback from a couple professors I tried to remember to wait enough before starting to sign so I get more of the meaning and where the speaker is heading. So I tried to do that, but I caught myself starting too early. I also have used this material before so it was helpful.

4. I used my memory and making sure I understood the meaning and where the speaker was headed with her story. And because I have used this text to interpret consecutively and simultaneously before it was helpful.

5. Her and her husband were traveling to Hong Kong and on their way to Japan before connecting over to Hong Kong there was an emergency that made them land in Anchorage Alaska at a cargo airport. After landing and evacuating the plane they saw that one of the engines were on fire. That night it was replaced and they all make their trip to Japan and then to Hong Kong.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Patrie 3.2 English to ASL

Study Questions:
1. Context:
This is a woman who came to a parenting class given at a Church. She is not involved in this group but attends the same church. The leader of the group asked her to come and speak about her childhood and her experience as a mother. There are 3 Deaf couples, and 11 hearing couples. They all have children between the age of 2 and 8. 

2. Yes, If I did not understand what the woman said in my source language I would not be able to accurately interpret it. But I did understand her so I am sure that helped me and give me a better ability to interpret it compared to if I did not understand her. 
Same with target language, if I did not understand it I would not be able to create a equal meaning, but I felt I did an ok job. 

3. There was one part, when she was talking about playing with her mom's pots and pans and I got behind, I think I got most of the information but I dont think I was totally clear on that part because it moved so quickly and I didnt have enough time to set it up clearly. The other processing part that I had a problem with was how to be clear about her mom and neighbor trying to help her get out of the steps.